Friday, July 6, 2012

Back up in the mountains.
I remembered the mouse, I forgot about the keyboard.
I want a regular, external type keyboard for this computer, I am not a fan of laptop keyboards, at all.
Anyway, I tried to hook up the satellite with the receiver I bought off of Craigslist, that I had to have them come out and show me how to change the settings that I didn't know had to be changed but figured it was a setting issue with it, not a bad receiver, and ........... nothing.

Kept getting "searching for satellite signal".  Checked the settings, A okay.  Called Direct TV for some help, we went through the whole mess, everything is set right.  I started regretting even coming up here, I want to watch a particular series that starts tomorrow morning and they are showing all 17 episodes through Sunday.  Spent an hour attempting to figure it out, no clue, whatsoever, decided that I would have to have Direct TV come up here and get it working.

But why?  I had the other receiver working last weekend.  I had the satellite towards the general direction, moving it around slowly, that it was in last weekend. Big-time bummer. Final thought, cause' if it ain't working, I'm going home in the morning.  Took the satellite apart and, however it happened, the connection was loose.  Could this be all the problem is?  YES!!!

The setup is now "permanent". The receiver will stay here, my aggressive panhandling techniques have me getting this card for free every month, no $6 monthly charge on it, I bought the receiver specifically for this trailer, done deal. It's pretty cool being an aggressive panhandler.  You get stuff for free.  You know, just like standing on a street corner with a sign and pinching your fingers together at everyone asking for a bit of spare change.  Gotta love that, right?

So anyway, it rained up here since I was up here last.  How do I know?  Cause' I just found out about yet another leak.  So, gonna have to bring all the equipment up here and spend a weekend just fixing that problem.  I had hoped I had all the leaks fixed when I had this thing at my property.  Oh well, you know how aggressive panhandlers are, begging on street corners is far more important than actually working. Ohh, the life of being a beggar.

Well, anyway, that's it The dogs love being up here, they hate the drive. Even with motion sickness medicine, Duke has a particularly miserable drive up and down.  I pretty much have to ignore it.  He's all crashed out now, in fact, all 3 of them are sleeping.  I decided this time to bring frozen dinners and not so much cooking food. Just don't feel like cooking.  I did bring some hot and spicy brats, though : )


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