Friday, July 20, 2012

Blog fixed. Went to Google blogger support and someone found the answer - code was added to the left side of my blog that redirected it.  HOW it got on there is a mystery. Others were reporting having the same thing happen. If you are being redirected to Kuniochi, type in which should take you to your admin control and then go into layout and find the junk that has been added on there and remove it.

Umm, well now that that's over with, it's Friday, 8-1/2 hours from now I should be off work (should be, cause' sometimes I have to stay late)


  1. Hi Ben ~ I finally got here, as I see the same thing happened to me when I clicked on Westy's comment in my own blog, it took me to that other site. Hope it's not a virus! Have a safe, cool and great Friday :)

  2. No, not a virus, it's code that has been added to people's blogs on the side. I don't know how it gets on there, but taking it back out is quite simple once you know what to look for. How are you, anyway?


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