Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day.

Sky is overcast here and the temps are way down.  Down enough that I was just out front attempting to fix and re-line the rest of the drip irrigation system.  I had torn much of it out to re-do the landscaping - but - hand watering that situation everyday is getting old, very old.

Further, if I want to take off for more than a couple of days, I need that system up and working so I can have Mark just flip the lever on the water valve to water all of that versus attempting to ask him to hand water that entire group of trees and plants out there.  So, almost done.  Unfortunately, I do not have enough laser soaker hose and will have to buy more.  It's a hose with precision holes in it all the way down.  It works much better than the drippers when using it on ground covering plants.  I don't need that much more of it, though, and pretty much that entire system is done out there.

No great plans today.  Going to stop by the pastor's house with those steaks and visit for a while, but probably not too terribly long.  I'm kind of tired, didn't get to bed until my version of late last night and, inevitably, woke up with the sun this morning.  I'm on vacation and intend on doing whatever, whenever.  It's been a while since I've had this many days off, today being the first day and I just want to do a lot of nothing.

Well the rain finally came. I mean, the ground is getting wet, not drenched, but that's gonna have to be good enough for me.

Ummm, long delay.

Off to BBQ.

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