Thursday, July 5, 2012


That was my description to the supervisor that finally called me back today.  The property behind me.  We went back and forth for over half an hour, but the man was adamant that he WOULD take care of this problem.  I am not going into all of that, but I can finally say that I think I have FINALLY talked to the right person to get this situation dealt with. 

Adding here that while we were talking, he pulled up an "aerial view" he called it, more like and probably a satellite picture - of the property and agreed that this property didn't look very good and totally understood why I might have a problem with it.

Meanwhile, all movie channels fell off of Direct TV today.  I by-passed all of the normal routes and went directly to the disconnection department.  You tell the computer that is talking to you who you want to speak to and walaah.  They don't identify them as the disconnection department and you don't have to tell them you want your service cancelled, instead, they ask you what the problem is and you identify it.  

That's "aggressive panhandling" at it's best.  Yup, I have NO qualms, whatsoever, asking for free movie channels. They, actually, don't have a problem with it and go through their system to see what free channels are available.  That's right, there are always free movie channels available with Direct TV, you just have to know that information and understand there is nothing wrong with asking for it.  

But if there WAS something wrong with asking for it, they could easily tell you so! No panhandling, no begging, it's a business transaction.  I have no problem - continuing on with the same thing against the individual that described me as an "aggressive panhandler" in asking for more than what their predetermined price says I should get.  Haggling.  Since when is haggling any portion of begging?  The person that wrote that on my blog can go piss off, and yes, I have a good idea who wrote it.  

Productive day.  Indeed.


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