Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm reverting it back to a day trip only.
If we even go, the trip to San Diego and Sportfishing.
I was talking with an individual yesterday at the pastor's house git-together who had been on several
of those trips and was commenting on the overnight trips.

The bunks you sleep on are down below, below water level.
That isn't the part that bothered me, I don't care about being below water level, the next part is what got me going:
It gets very hot down there.  The air is stifled.  There is no air movement and it's hot and humid.

Oh.  I'm glad I ran into her.  The pastor chimed in and asked if it's possible to just sleep on the deck?

She didn't know but I thought it probably would be, they don't really care WHAT you do on the deck as long as it isn't dangerous.  But, no thanks. A whole day on the ocean fishing is enough, anyway. Maybe if we can swing it, we can get into SeaWorld and spend a day there as well. Or go for 2 1-day fishing expeditions.

Nahhh, one is enough, lol.

I'm a bit cranky today, which is why I never left for the mountains.  The reason is that the power went out last night around 3:00am.  I wake up instantly when the power goes out because I run a box fan all night long to help me sleep. It was very dark, no moonlight.  I couldn't see anything.  I got my laptop and pulled out the mobile broadband - which at least, usually, works at my house - and got online to find SRP's number.

Upon calling them, they wanted me to check the breakers.  Checked, duhhhhh.  I have a 200 amp board, it would take QUITE a lot to flip the main breaker on that thing.  The woman then instructed me to go outside and read some numbers on the pedestal. ??????????  What are you talking about?  What difference does that make?  I called to report an outage, it's pitch black, I can't find my flashlight, I can't READ numbers in the DARK.

"Well, sir, we will not send out a crew unless we confirm that there is an outage". I have just confirmed that there is an outage,  what do you want me to do? Read in the dark?  She stood her ground, I demanded her supervisor.  I got the same rhetoric.  Are you serious?

I just got off the phone with SRP.  I never want to experience that kind of "customer service" again.  If the power is out, the power is OUT.  It isn't subjective to my will, it either works or it doesn't.  As with Verizon, I did not call for freebies, though I was offered $10.  I said great, I'll take it, but that is not what I want done: I want to be assured, sir, that if there is a next time, this is NOT going to happen AGAIN!!!  BTW, it turns out there was some main breaker somewhere that had failed.  Not on my property, like a breaker that serves  numerous houses.  The man assured me that he would listen to the phone call!!

Yes!!! Must be catching on: record all phone calls.  I didn't know SRP did that. PLEASE DO listen to and review that phone call, I insist!!  So that's that.  The power did not come back on for over 2 hours.  I was awake the entire time.  It finally came on and I fell asleep for a short time but - woke back up and decided to hang it up: I'm up for the day and probably am going to be tired by the afternoon, which it is and I am.

Ohh, and walking out into the kitchen last night?  No noise in the house, ie: ac or other things on to make noise.  I could hear someone snoring LOUDLY in their bedroom.  Lol.  Glad I am not anywhere near THAT at night. I'm afraid going up to the property, at least today, is out of the question.  No desire in this frame of mind to do anything but sit here and watch a movie, which is exactly what I am doing.  It's vacation, if I want to go tomorrow, I can do that instead.  

Ummm, warpath day, I guess. I have now contacted 3 different divisions in the City of Phoenix concerning the property behind me.  That's because with all the issues that property has, I was directed off to differing divisions that deal with it.  The animal feces situation is dealt with by the waste division and they have their own inspectors.  The non-permitted structures and the electrical cord providing those structures with power is through zoning and the rest of it is through neighborhood services division.  There will be 3 different divisions worth of inspectors going out to that property in the next week.  Rather exasperating but the phone calls are done on that situation. 

So, I have had numerous conversations with Verizon and with the City of Phoenix, I might as well go for gusto and call Direct TV and dispute a charge that they have on my bill.  Oh, remember, I am a "aggressive panhandler", ROFL!!!.  

Editing:  I called DirectTV and it's the shortest conversation I have ever had with them concerning my bill.  I told the incoming call center lady at the billing department about the situation - very nicely I should add - and she simply agreed to eliminate the entire service charge.  Nice.

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