Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Taro Pond Plants Revisited

Standing down. Replanted 2 of them (Taro plants) but the others were simply a matter of standing them back up and stabilizing them (after the dust storm knocked them all down).  Meaning running some of the plastic drip irrigation tube I have left over - which is almost a 1,000 foot roll - running it around the rather large stalks and tying it up to one of the posts around the pond.  This isn't necessarily a permanent fix, but really, these plants have gotten too large for the pond.

The only way I can see to stabilize them without running tubing to keep them up is to get much wider pots that I can fill at the bottom with heavy rocks to act as ballast against the weight of those stalks attempting to pull the whole thing over.  So, I might try to find something like that this coming week for ONE of the sets of stalks, but I cannot possibly have too many very wide/large pots in that small pond, it will take up too much space for the fish to run around in.  So, I may end up giving even more of the Taro away.

Which isn't any big deal.  It always grows back and perhaps someone has a pond that doesn't have much fiolage in it - I get a lot of people who say they have no plants in their ponds at all. They don't want to pay the exorbitant prices for those kinds of plants at the pond stores - they charge a lot for them and usually not even in that good of a condition.  Yes, I think the solution is to simply give away one of the huge sets of stalks and just replant some smaller ones where those were.  Yes, I have PLENTY of small ones growing.

Again, you don't have to have a green thumb to grow water plants, they will basically take off without any help at all. They will start growing plants outside of the container you have them in once they fill the container up.  They will send out shooters and just start growing small ones in the middle of your pond, without being in any kind of pot!

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