Sunday, July 22, 2012

Severe dust storm came blasting through here yesterday and blew all of my Taro plants over.
There is only one thing I can do to save them: replant the entire lot of them.
That means taking ALL of them out of the water, pulling them out of their pots and redoing each one completely over.
Yes, that means a lot of work and time to get that done.  Not exactly something I wanted to have to do on a Sunday afternoon.

There is no debating, I will get at least some of it done today if not all of it.  The hard part is getting motivated to go out there and do it.  Especially since it's humid and warm out there and only going to get worse as the day moves on.

Just got home from church. That was another battle.  I did not want to go this morning, again, just not motivated to do much of anything today.  But, it was worth going and that's that.

So, going to end this one early, get my shorts and work shoes on and get out there and get at least some of that work done.

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