Thursday, July 12, 2012

So last night, this horrific smell comes into my room.  I assume someone out there cooking something - nasty from the smell of it.
Well, I was awake anyway.  There was a thunderstorm with loud booms going off every few minutes, seconds, intermittent - couldn't sleep through all that noise.

After a while, the noise finally subsided and I went back to sleep.

I came out here - my kitchen - this morning and it smells unbelievably bad in here.

The kid tenant - the 22 year old.  This is what Lynnette just came out and informed.
She said she came out here last night after the smell hit their room, found a pot of beans on the stove, the burner was on high, the entire living room/kitchen/hallway filled with smoke, the beans looked as though they were going to start a fire.

Are you serious?  This isn't the worst of it.  That guy just left it like that.  In other words, he turned that all on and NEVER showed back up to turn it off.  Lynnette went and knocked on his door, he didn't answer.  She didn't know if he was in there or had left.  That kid is going to hear about it from me.  I can see - maybe - turning on the burner on low and slowly cooking the beans, but anytime you turn the burner on high, you better be around to watch it because the burner ring turns bright orange and it gets VERY hot.  Whatever you are cooking - usually on that high of a setting you are just wanting to boil water - it isn't going to take long.

The pot is ruined.  He will be replacing that pot and he will be offering some kind of explanation of why, exactly, he thought it okay to turn that thing on and then just leave/disappear - or he will be getting and eviction notice.  Pretty strange, the guy is usually a pretty responsible person.

But, it reminds me of Mary.  A former tenant who was on methamphetamines who did exactly the same thing one night.  The smoke detectors went off, I woke up obviously, went out to find a pot of water, boiling away, burner on high, no-one to be found.  In that case, though, we had already agreed that she was leaving - actually, I had given her an eviction notice because she wouldn't stop the meth - there was already tension between us and she came in from outside and started screaming at me.

Now, that pot of water was at a high boil and she didn't reappear for 10 minutes or more after I turned it off, removed the pan, dumped the water, cleaned the pot, put it away, put her box of macaroni away, wiped down the counters, all that good stuff.  That was the night she called the police on me but I turned it back around on her and had her served with the restraining order papers.

Now, for the kid tenant to do something like what he did, I do have to wonder if there are drugs involved with this or maybe he was drunk or something. I have no idea, but I will definitely be finding out and also looking into why the smoke detectors didn't go off.  They are both hard wired and battery juiced for electricity.  Even if the batteries were dead, they still should have gone off.  It's a damn good thing Mark and Lynnette came out and discovered that mess, cause' Gilbert just left it like that.  Eventually there would have been a fire.

No, that does not make me happy.  I have already had one house burn down, I never want to go through that again.  Gilbert and I are destined to have a frank, curt and unambiguous discussion in the very near future.

My house really stinks right now.  Same kind of thing when that other tenant put popcorn in the microwave and had it in there for 5 minutes.  The house filled up with so much smoke, you couldn't see anything and it destroyed the microwave.  It will smell for days, undoubtedly, in here. It's tooooooo hot to open up the house and air it out.  But, if it smells this bad when I get home from work, I may just have to open up the doors and windows for a few hours and try to get some of the stench out of here.


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