Friday, July 6, 2012

There is something a bit eerie about being in the mountains at night, no-one around, yet intriguing at the same time.
For some reason, however, having the .40 caliber S&W doesn't really feel like enough.
I will be bringing my shotgun with me - loaded either with slugs or buckshot - from now on.

My mom has a gun sitting on the counter when she's up here.  She carries it with her on dog walks.  Well, she carries it with her everywhere.  Our gun laws are so relaxed that a person can legally carry a gun in most places and just about anywhere outdoors.

The eerie part is sitting at the table and looking out the window and seeing nothing but pitch black.  There could be someone out there staring at you through the window and you wouldn't know it.  Ummm, so I pulled the blinds, lol.  Okay, so I'm on private property, but that doesn't mean squat to criminals.

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