Thursday, July 5, 2012

Well isn't that wonderful.  A complaint I filed against the neighbors behind me - junk, filth, cat feces - hasn't even been investigated yet.  I filed that complaint almost 3 WEEKS ago.  I called just now - to the City of Phoenix that is - because I haven't seen anything going on over there in terms of cleaning up the property.

My next move is to call the City's Zoning department and find out how to file a complaint on property encroachment.  The dirt from their property is pushing the wood fence out - into my property - and the fence is beginning to break apart.

Just got off the phone with them.  The first lady told me I needed to speak to a supervisor, fine by me.  Upon giving this second person the address of the violators with the unpermitted structures, she was perplexed. She asked me if it was the correct address?  Yes, I am QUITE sure of the address, thanks, I have already reported this address to your Neighborhood Services Department in the past and I found that address on the Maricopa County Tax Assessor's website.

Continued perplexity.  Well, normally, when I put in an address, it comes up - but there is nothing coming up here.

Ahaaa.  So there we have the problem. They don't even KNOW about this property.  Well they do now and this person is going to do some "research" and will be calling me tomorrow about it.  I believe the situation over there is going to change immensely after I get this rolling with the Zoning department.  There is NO way those structures over there meet ANY city code requirements.

I called the City Neighborhood Services department back and this time asked for management.  I was directed to the manager over the inspectors that are over my area of town.  This individual did not answer his phone.

That's where I have left it, for now.  I am pressing on with this war against them because - they started it with me and they have continued filing false claims with the City against me.  Not to mention the cat feces, which is piling up against my fence and is a huge health hazard.    In fact, the entire situation over there has been more than just an annoyance for quite some time now and it's time to see it change.

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