Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday morning.
Took one of the "new" sleep pills last night at around 8:00pm.
It hit me in less than 15 minutes.
I was still trying to get stuff done before going to bed - not a happening event.  I was stumbling around like a drunk man and finally decided to just crash.
Here we are, 11 hours and 20 minutes later and I'm still dazed from it.

Although it works, I couldn't possibly use this stuff during the work week.

It's now almost 16 hours since I took that stuff and I am still feeling a bit groggy.  But not too bad, thankfully, as I am leaving in around half an hour.  Just had to go to Bass Pro shops and find a lure to try out on the ocean.  The fishing company gives live bait which usually works well enough, but I still want to try a lure anyway.

Well that's enough for this entry, I still have some things to do before I leave.




  1. No, I don't like Ambien, I don't remember the name of this stuff, I had never heard of it before.

  2. Hmmm.. I don't like any of them if I can help it but sometimes you just have to take them anyway...

  3. I don't like them, either, but after going for an extended period of not getting enough sleep, you have to do something.


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