Friday, August 17, 2012

“We have customs, we have cultures. We want to share this with this country, and those who criticize us and who hate us, we invite you to get to know us.”

That from an illegal "immigrant" who, along with 40 or so others, is "touring" the country and openly stating that they are here illegally.  These people - and millions like them - feel that they are somehow being wronged.  They run around saying how bad America is - I have been hearing this for decades now - yet, they continue to stay here. 

The statement  about their customs and cultures?  My extensive knowledge of many of them are that they do not even attempt to blend in with our society at all.  Instead, they want to change it to their way of thinking and living to the point that many of them refuse to even attempt to learn how to speak English.  They demand spanish speaking customer service reps and want all signage and literature to be printed in Spanish. 

I'm not sorry to say that this is NOT the United States of Mexico.  I have no sympathy for people that are here illegally, none whatsoever AND I completely agree with Governor Brewer's executive order to deny them access to social programs that should be there for legal citizens/residents.  Many of these people make a calculated decision to have babies here so they can therefore make the excuse that they have kids that are legal citizens. This doesn't excuse the fact that they came here and ARE here illegally!

Whatever the case, it's Friday and 9 days off of work is slowly coming to a close.  It always passes by far too quickly.  I had thoughts of going up to the mountains but I am not sure I am going to do that.  If I am, I'm going to have to leave within the next 4 or 5 hours, so, guess I better make up my mind.  I'm opting for not, though.  The 900 miles of driving earlier this week sort of took the desire to drive anywhere right out of me, lol.

Plus I definitely want to make church on Sunday and basically try to get a bit of rest and relaxation going so I don't feel stressed going back to work on Monday.  

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