Friday, September 21, 2012

Sitting at Discount Tire, waiting. The spare they sold me last week is vibrating; the "check tire pressure" light keeps coming on and I wanted the new tires on the front, as I asked them, not on the back.  I'm not dissing Discount tire, they always make things right, I just didn't want to have to come here today. But, I can't be driving a car around that has an extreme vibration coming from the front end, especially when I am at high speeds on the freeway, so, get it done. Fortunately, they aren't busy right now, I even more hate having to wait for long periods of time.

A fresh weekend starting now, regardless.  Plans include more work on the east side of the house and potentially cutting down the large, almost dead, plant that really sucks that it is dying. 90% of it is completely dead with no hope of coming back.  I am going to have replace it - but how do you replace something like that?  With a 2 foot thing that will take 3 or 4 years to get as big as this one did (and effectively cut out the view of one of the hoarding neighbor's hoards).  So, if I want something even relatively large, it's going to cost.  I did see something a few weeks ago at the tree nursery, the thing was about 10 feet tall and was $75 plus delivery.  I can't dump a 10 foot plant into the trunk of my car, unfortunately, worse, they want $50 for delivery even though it's only 3 miles away.

I'm going to go back tomorrow and take another look around.  They have a HUGE nursery covering a lot of acreage and a lot to look at and take in.  Like, to make a decision after looking at all of that will simply require me to go back and look again.

Nothing much else new on the home front. Had ideas of going up to the mountains, but I ain't driving up there today, too tired. I wanted to tackle this mouse problem, though mother apparently has been all over it anyway.  Problem is, she's not up there so any mice will have free reign of the trailer doing whatever they are doing in there.

Hooker Gate. Okay, that's a new one. If the Obama administration isn't the worst overall consortium of people of what I consider to be of bad character (in some cases, that's putting it mildly), it's gotta be in the top three.  "Hope and change", he said 4 years ago, yet the

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