Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So, meanwhile, life goes on (referencing the car situation).
Which reminds me, the registration on my car has to be renewed this month but thankfully, no emissions testing needed.
I called my mother today.  I was sitting at a job site in Casa Grande, looking at the dark skies and enjoying the cool weather.
I wished her happy birthday, yes, her birthday is 9/11 and then we went into some things.  I decided to go ahead and bring up the subject, not about the dogs but about the rat she says she found in her storage shed on her property up there.
She then went into the mice that she caught in the traps and then, after the mice apparently figured out the traps, put out D-Con.
She then informed me the place would be vacant the weekend after next, apparently offering me the place without her being there.
The subject of the dogs never came up, I wasn't going to bring it up and she apparently didn't want to go there, either.  So beit.

Obama snubs Netanyahu.  Even the liberal news media is reporting it as such.  Is this supposed to be a good thing?  I can only imagine what must be going through the minds of Israel's leaders: PLEASE, ANYBODY but Obama in the White House come next election.

Anyway, I put this inquiry in online last night and today?  Mailbox full of realtors giving listings for all properties in that area under 50k.  Going as low as 24k.  Interesting that property taxes up there are so high.  What are they paying for? Dirt roads? $2,500 property tax for a property sold at 30K?  HOA dues in some places $2,500 per year? lol.

Watching some 9/11 footage, finally found some.  Went to church for small groups and the only people that showed up were a married couple that are elders in the church.  We talked for about 70 minutes and got into some different subjects an dissues and then - went home.  Oh, myyy, time for bed.


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