Friday, October 26, 2012

An interesting adventure to figure out how to pump the RV antifreeze through the water system's lines. This trailer isn't set up like that, I found out after going through the entire system and trying to actually find the water pump to see if it has a tube coming off of it to use as an intake to stick into the gallon jugs of antifreeze.

No.  Instead, it has lines dropping down underneath the trailer with caps on them.  When the water pump is turned on (or if there is a water hose connected to the system), those lines dropping down are pressurized.  That's cause they are tee'd off the lines going to the various faucets inside. You need simply remove the caps on those lines sticking down and walaah.  All water inside the lines drains out, from the faucets on down simply through gravity.

So, I removed the caps from all of them and am leaving them open until I leave to make sure it's nicely drained.  Did I mention that 2 of the caps broke clean off the lines and now I am going to have to replace them? Oh, no, I skipped that little diddy, but there it is. Dry rotted from exposure, I am assuming.

From the looks of it, the fittings simply stick inside the tubing and then you crimp a clamp over it to seal it.  So, a couple of fittings, clamps and I am sure a specialty crimping tool that probably costs $25.  Oh well.

I sent the Great Danes out this morning and Duke's mouth starting chattering incessantly from the cold.  It was, actually, quite humorous, though I am sure he didn't think so, lol.

Mother has projects for me, 2 of which I have completed, another of which I have to go look at.  The door on the tool shed is sticking.  I dunno if the door needs replaced or if I can just possible remove some of the wood off the side if it's not too bad.  However, the main reason I came up here for has been accomplished.

Well, anyway, I'm spending another night up here and then come back in the morning. I have lots to do  down there - at home that is - plus there is the outreach on Saturday.  Well, I actually may go back today cause' there is so much to do.  My point in coming up here has been accomplished and the only other reason I would stay another night is cause' I slept sooooo wonderfully well last night here, well, maybe it's a trend that would go on for 2 nights!


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