Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beautiful day.
Decided to not spend it indoors.
I have had enough of indoors when I am at home - though the stifling heat is certainly a good enough excuse, at least for me.
Got out in the dirt and start digging, watering, getting dirty and muddy.
I feel good, too.
But that's not because of the weather, that's just that my spiritual life is slowly coming back to order, to the place where it is supposed to be and the direction it is supposed to be going on.
I do have regrets for the last years that I have wasted, but there is nothing that anyone can do to get back lost time, you can only resolve to use the time you have now and move forward in that mind frame.

I'll have my property nicely trimmed and looking up to snuff in the next week, as I don't have a problem going out there after work when the weather is so beautiful outside.

That's not to say that my property looks shabby, but it definitely needs the attention I like to give to it to make is "sparkle", I guess I could call it.  And in this kind of weather, I like doing it.

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