Sunday, October 28, 2012

I came back early from the mountains.  That was because I was rather excited about the idea of helping the church out and being a part of the booth games that were going on last night at the park.  I had received an email asking for help to man one of the booths, I accepted the request.  I went out there last night. Thousands of people, mostly families with their kids in costumes.  Took 15 minutes to find a parking spot - which ended up being a quarter mile away.  The long walk there and saw must have been 70 or 80 tent booths set up - by the city - and occupied with representatives from all sorts of different venues.

The City required that only 501c3/non-profit organizations could participate. It was pretty easy to find the church set up - they had 5 booths in a row and they had lines formed in front of them.  They had games set up and winners of games got anything from candy to stuffed animals.  Pretty typical type of thing.  The pastor's son greeted me when I arrived and said that a change of shift had already occurred.  As it came to my realization that my help was not needed, I admittedly started to get a bit irritated.  They had contacted me via email for help 2 mornings ago and I had confirmed with them.  How hard would have it been to email me and tell me  that the slots had been filled up?  I was then "informed" that they needed help tearing everything down after 9:00 pm.

I didn't reply.  It's 7:00 pm and I'm going to hang around for 2 hours.........doing what?  I simply left.  There was nothing to do and I wasn't going to stand around looking dumb for 2 hours without anything to do waiting for it to be over and I wasn't about to drive back there after going home.  Call me selfish, call me whatever you will, but they should have had more respect for my time and emailed me or called me to let me know they wouldn't need my help instead of me going through all of that to find out.

I was asked at home by a tenant how it went and I let him know.  At least I wasn't the only one on the face of the planet that would have reacted the same way if put into a similar situation.  This morning I was debating whether to go to church or not.  I ended up going.  As soon as I walked in the front door, the pastor's wife saw me and cringed.  As if I were a walking dose of Bubonic Plague.  She has been doing this for a couple of months now.  I have NO idea what is up her crawl, I have not said anything unpleasant to her, we have not had any kind of argument or otherwise "bad" encounter, but it set me foul.  She actually pulled her hand back for a handshake.

I walked into the meeting room and the pastor's son came up to me after I had been sitting there awhile, looking at some of the people's reactions that were looking at me funny.  My leaving last night had this kind of effect?  I had waited until they were oblivious of my presence there last night before I  left, I didn't just walk away in the middle of a conversation.  I shook the pastor's son hand, but I was was getting pretty unwound in my mind with all this.  This time? I grabbed my things and walked out.

What's next? Dunno.  Let some time pass and let the abrasiveness of it all wear away a bit.  I am quite interested in finding out what the pastor's wife's beef is with me.  I've been NOTHING but nice to her, I simply have no clue.  I'm wondering about my future at this church. The church's annual Harvest Festival event is next weekend.  They will be wanting help, but I am sure mine won't be appreciated and won't be offered anyway.  If I'm asked, I will probably ask what the deal was with their last request for help.

I don't really handle being treated this way by the church too well, considering my past experiences.

Changing the subject, I have spent a lot of hours out front working on the landscaping issues.  I can say that there is a LOT left to go! Lol.  Trim this, cut that, pull this, plant that.  Just now getting the plants I bought a month go planted. That because there was a lot of clearing out and cutting that had to occur first before I could plant all 6 of them.  I can happily say they are all planted, I have no idea whether they will take considering colder weather is - allegedly - just around the corner.  I say that because it's near the end of October and it's hitting 90 degrees today!! What kind of fall is THAT? IS it officially fall yet?

Well, that's my "release" and I'm going back out there - I was out there earlier working but now I am going to get out the clippers and clip down some things that need some serious trimming.



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