Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let the rhetoric fly.  Thank God Almighty this current Presidential campaign is almost over.  Allegedly, Trump has some "big" information that he has going to allegedly release today that "may" change the election.  I would just like to ask who, exactly, at this late point in the game, is still actually undecided? Are there actually people out there that are going to show up at the polls and finally will have to make their decision IN the polling booth?  If there are, I can't believe there are that many of them.

I found quite amusing Chris Matthews statement that - just as the first election - basically - if you aren't an Obama supporter, you must be a racist.  This kind of inflammatory statement and idea was projected around during the first Obama election.  The idea that because Obama is black and I am white but didn't want to vote for Obama the first time around or this time around therefore, somehow, makes me a racist is - absurd at best.  Just a bunch of ninnies making statements out of desperation considering the polls show a flat tie at this point between the 2 candidates.  This election is a toss-up and everyone knows it, whether they are admitting it or not.

It will be interesting to see how many voters turn out this time around.  I think this election may just have record numbers of voters showing up at the polls.

Whatever the case, today and tomorrow and work is done for the week.  It's been really slow this week at work, which can make for a loooooong day when there isn't much to do.  When I went home yesterday, there was only one thing to do for today in the truck routing system and that delivery is being put off until a part comes in via truck motor freight.

There is a small group get together tonight at someone's house somewhere in tempe for a potluck type of dinner.  It mostly depends on how long I have to work and how I feel as to whether I will go or not. I have mostly put off the night meetings since I go to bed so early and get up so early for work.  The small group I have been going to has swelled in size - greatly - to the point that it's really not longer a small group.  Why so many people dumped the Monday and Wednesday night group, I have no idea.  Once a group gets too big, it becomes unmanageable, IMO, at least in the context of what the group was originally designed to do: start building relationships.
Whatever the case, it's time to go to work!



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