Sunday, October 7, 2012

Not surprisingly, MSNBC has the newest poll that shows Romney now beating Obama percentage-wise, buried in a story about half way down.  This is the first poll that shows full results from after the debate had taken place.  Now, if Obama was winning, guess what might be showing top and center on their site? It's amazing how many "news" organizations are using their "power" to attempt to sway public sentiment by only or mostly only showing stories that make Obama look good and always quick to make sure they show stories that make Romney look "bad".

One would like to dream of them all simply reporting the news without a skew.  "Romney ahead in latest poll", but you don't see that.  I haven't checked out other liberal leaning news sites yet.  ABC has a story entitled: "Fundamentals Still Favor Obama", with no mention whatsoever of the newest poll nor did I see it anywhere on the front "page".  I don't really trust polls, but since these sites DO, isn't it amazing that that newest poll isn't up there in huge letters on the front page?

CBS news.  Not a SINGLE reference I could find anyone on the front page.  CNN, nothing, even on their "election center" postings on the left side on the front page.  Reuters, nilch, nada.  USA Today.  Nein, nilch, nada.  I'm not going to look at any more sites.  If any of them DO end up posting it, it will undoubtedly still find some way to tell the tale in Obama's favor.

Well, anyway, I handed Caleb the humidifier this morning, replete with water and medicine you put into the water, told him to plug it in.  He comes out 4 hours later feeling much better.  Of course, they may wear off now that he has left to go to his mother's house.  He will be back, apparently he is going over there to loan her some money for food.  ???  She has a job and she is still getting monthly checks from me.  I don't know, not really my concern, just a bit surprising considering she is working and still receiving a fairly nice sum of cash from me every month as court-ordered.

Back outside. I got about 2/3rd's of the property covered with Miraclo Gro.  I am going to finish and then probably do another round next week to ensure I got it all nicely covered.


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