Friday, October 12, 2012

Sitting at a jobsite, looking at overcast skies and the mountains off in the distance.  Cool breeze, even with the sun shining brightly in a speck of the sky that isn't covered with clouds, it's very nice out.  The thought of going up to the mountains this weekend seems so much more appealing than it did at 2 o'clock this morning as I laid in bed, awake, musing of such.
The low in Payson is 39, the high today, the high will be 60.  That's coat and sweater weather - at least for me. I know my dogs don't hate the cold, but they have to have sweatshirts put on them to help keep them warm.

The trailer itself has 3 different heat sources, though the one I like the most is the electric heat coming out of the roof AC - but - that blaster by the door that uses propane is pretty awesome.  Which reminds me, I was going to get a small portable unit for it and it totally escaped me.

It is amazing the difference in attitudes out at these construction sites once the stifling heat is gone. It's about 70 or so degrees out right now, a month ago it would have been over 100 by this time of day.

Well, just pondering - to go or not go to, that is the question.  That is a question that is usually answered by what time I get off of work.  if no later than 3, I can do it, if later than that, questionable, especially with the unknown factor of the mice.  Well, my truck is unloaded and time for another round.



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