Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Yesterday. Wow.  Went up to the mines in Globe, well, closer to Miami, distinction without much of a difference.
Three drops there, ridiculous amount of time spent.  By the time I got out of there and started heading to west Phoenix for pickups for delivery tomorrow (today), it was already almost 11:00pm.  So, I'm running around all over the place picking all kinds of stuff up and end up with a fully loaded trailer.

Back to the yard. My manager's looking at me like: Ready to get this done?  Order after order after order to be pulled and loaded on the truck and out of the yard no later than ...... 6:30 this morning.  I'm looking at him like, dude, do you know that we are going to be here until 8:00 pm doing all of this?  I am going to have to unload the entire truck and reload everything, not to mention pulling all of those orders, wrapping them and all the rest of it.

He's doing all the paperwork and I'm out there pulling orders.  I'm not complaining about him doing the paperwork, btw, it has to be done and you can't just let it pile up.  The afternoon drags on.  4 pm; 5 pm; 6 pm, the sun goes down.  Working at a feverish pace attempting to get it all done, get it all on the truck and have it ready for this morning.  We actually get all the stuff done and then find out that - they threw another order in the system that is huge and also "must" be delivered early.  I"m starting to feel it - the longest day of work I have put in in a long, long time and not only just a day of work, but a very HARD day's work.

My boss has a conniption - they throw these orders in and they don't even bother to tell us about it.  He calls the salesman, they get into it on the phone.  I didn't want to hear all of that, that would just piss me off considering some of what I was hearing coming from that salesman, I went back outside.  It was around 7:40 pm by the time we got done - and yet there is still a pallet to be wrapped, loaded and then all of that material has to be strapped down.

I ended up calling home and asking someone to please feed the dogs, they would have been ravenously hungry by that point and I didn't want them to go hungry.  By the time I got home, it was almost time to go to bed.  I thought about church on the way home and realized I had not only missed the small group meeting, I hadn't even thought about it until I had gotten in the car.  Oh well, I hadn't thought much about anything else, either, considering the workload and just trying to get every thing done.

Fast forward to this morning. The alarm goes off, I wake up out of a deep sleep and ................ it didn't even feel like I had ever gone to bed. I'm still tired, I'm sore and yes, I'm a bit cranky.  Just in case, I have put the Presidential debate on record.  But I have no intention of working that late today, I doubt I would last as long today as I did yesterday.  The biggest problem with working long hours like that - I used to do it daily for years - is that you don't have time for anything else.  The stuff you need to get done around the house doesn't get done, you don't really have time for much of anything but work, the drive there and back and a few basic things that you must get done.

I don't miss those days.  I don't mind doing it once in a while, but I would definitely NOT want to have to do that kind of routine again on any regular basis.  In fact, there's only one real advantage to having to work like that: you don't have time to eat and you are working hard, so if you have any weight issues, you won't have them for long.

Well, my pre-work rituals are already over, it doesn't even feel like I started them. It's time to be off to work for a very busy morning. There's even MORE to do after all of this is delivered.



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