Thursday, November 22, 2012

Actually much warmer day here than expected.  I'm sitting out back of my dad's house which sits right next to a golf course, and yes, there are a few people out golfing, have been off an on all day long. After eating a huge Turkey dinner, I couldn't sit around watching football games all afternoon long, especially since the teams playing were not my favorites, though I still ended up watching a lot of the game anyway. But - I went on an almost 6,000 step walk around a portion of the course on the golf cart path.

I dunno, but I am enjoying myself much more than I did the last time.  Just decided that the dude wasn't going to bother me and because of that decision, well, there you go.

Called mother this morning - she isn't actually having any family over.  My oldest brother won't go over there for Thanksgiving anymore, been 4 or 5 years since he's done that but my middle brother is going over there on Saturday.  I didn't bother to tell her we could come on that day too, I don't really want to be there for another Thanksgiving with him around.  No biggies.  I saw mother more this summer up at her property than I had, cumulatively, seen her in years.

I have decided to hit Sears up at 8 today if the line isn't too terribly long.  They have a 32 inch flat screen for sale for $97.  Yes, that's 97 bucks. That's cheap.  Walmart's version is $138.  I am guessing if there are people waiting out there, it's going to be for that if nothing else.  but, it's only 4:22 and I refuse to go sit around at a store entrance for hours  on end.  I will walk over there from the hotel and see if I can score. If not, maybe I will go to the Walmart.  But really, if I don't score anything today, it wouldn't bother me.  Home Depot's sale is at 5:00 am.  I may or may not be up that early. It would be nice to score a couple of their deals on pliers and adjustable wrenches.

The sun is finally going down and it's starting to cool right back down : )

Whatever.  Just throwing this in there.  I'm still at my dad's house and there are a lot of family here, but a lot of them went took naps when I decided to - get the blood pumping and get a good long walk in.



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