Wednesday, November 28, 2012


That was what I put in our truck routing system yesterday, after seeing that the salesmen had just kept dumping more and more deliveries and pickups in there to do.

Ridiculous.  I already informed 2 salesmen that there is no WAY I can do everything that has been put in there in one day.  Too much to do, too many orders to pull, too much driving.  It's not that I don't want to, it's just physically impossible.

What cracks me up is that some of these people will just put stuff in there without checking with us first and without looking at what they are adding to.  They just assume it will get done.

23-1/2 hours in 2 days.  I'm looking at another long day today unless something changes.  We have been informed that our branch does not warrant a 3rd person.  Great, we are just going to work lots of OT and then perhaps the message will get across.  Or not.  I love OT - up to a point.  At some point, you cross over to another tax bracket or status and then you see more taxes being taken out to the point that  all those extra hours don't add up to a hill of beans.

Oh, wait a minute, I think beans are expensive nowadays, that old saying might not mean that much anymore, could actually be contradictory from it's intended meaning, lol.

Time to get on the road and get to the daily grind.



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