Thursday, November 22, 2012

Got up this morning, had a small breakfast and went for a long walk in the brisk, cool\- FRESH - air to be found down here. This area is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges.  Everything was closed, our hotel is in the same parcel of land as a giant shopping mall.  I decided to walk the circumference of the mall.  Best Buy had no-one waiting out in front of it but Sears had to people sitting in lawn chairs that had just shown up at the same time I was walking by.  So, spend your entire Thanksgiving sitting in a lawn chair in front of a store for 12 hours.

Whatever.  I walked off the property and was looking at a fenced off area across the street.  Upon closer inspection, it is an old, abandoned goofy-golf place.  Covered with weeds, but when it was open, it must have been a fun one cause' had all kinds of weird devices and things to apparently try and hit your ball into.  The driving range also shut down and also completely covered with weeds.

My dad's wife bought Thanksgiving dinner in advance.  IE: prepared by Fry's Food Stores.  I didn't know Fry's did such a thing.  I'm sure it will be good regardless.  Whether the man with the tude' is going to change the direction of his obvious disdain for both my son and I, I have no idea and if it continues I am going to smile, say hi to him and then completely ignore him.  I will not have a man's glaring attitude ruin my Thanksgiving, a person I don't know, have only met once and had the same reaction from.

Well anyway, since Thanks giving dinner is going to be at 1:00 pm today, that certainly allows for me to visit the Walmart tonight if I so desire, or even the Best Buy if there aren't 10,000 people there - who knows what kind of turn-out they get in a small town such as this? - and see about getting a few deals.  Home Depot is 300 yards away as well. They are having a great sale on hand tools - tools that I use frequently at home and could definitely stand replacing.

Undoubtedly, Mark had to spend the night on the couch in the living room.  The dogs.  Apparently, when I leave, they grumble, growl and bark all night long.  I was told the other day that when I leave for work, Prince will start barking at one side of the property, then run to the other side and then back. They contend separation anxiety and looking for me to come back.  Well, can't be bound down forever by dogs, gotta have a life beyond the house.

9:00 am.  My walk over, I think we're going to go over to dad's house in about an hour and spend the day over there.


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