Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I bought a salad this morning - fat free dressing of course - with an apple and sugar-free white peach tea.
That was around 8 am.  9 hours later, still grinding away but now in the yard, pulling orders and doing all that it entails to get a truck loaded including loading the truck - I ran out of energy.

"Go get something to eat then!".  I was ready to go HOME.  I had a frozen dinner in the refrigerator, heated that up, wolfed it down and went back to work.  An hour later - the truck was loaded, it was all done, only a  few things left to do in the morning. After THAT, then there's MUCH more.  I am supposed to do a couple of other deliveries and then go up into the mines up in the mountains.

Well whatever.  I just do what I can get done.  I work at a very efficient, brisk pace.  Today I slowed down after 11 straight hours of it.

Did I say it's 15 minutes til' my bedtime?


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