Thursday, November 8, 2012

When one leaves for work in the dark and comes home from work in the dark, one knows that one has had a very long day.  I'm at 8 and a half hours of overtime for the pay period, tomorrow will bring it up to at least  16 and a half.

Caleb received a job offer today, so he will not be able to go up to the mountains tomorrow.  Which is fine by me, I am not sure I really want to drive all the way up there after the kind of work week I've had this week anyway.  Supposedly next weekend will be free for him.

My finger is definitely not broken. It hurts like - well it hurts.  It has red splotches and purple splotches and I forget frequently about it and boy do I pay for that forgetfulness.

Well whatever.  My plans for the weekend will now change.  I have lots of stuff left to go outside and I intend to spend at least several hours working on the property.  And who knows what else might come up : )

That's it.  No long entry here, too tired for that.


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