Monday, December 31, 2012


I went to church tonight for a New Year's celebration, though admittedly it's still 3 hours before New Year's actually hits and I don't think anyone's staying there THAT long.  I was there for 2 hours.  I haven't felt so much freedom in such a long time - and yet I also freely admit there is a ways yet to go.  But it was a great service and the presence of the Lord was so very much palpable.  I am encouraged about the year 2013, not because of the things going on in this world -  what is new about that.  The world always has garbage going on all over, it is a never-ending story.

No, I am simply talking about my walk with the Lord.  I have a number of people now standing in faith with me to overcome, put behind me and move on.  This is where the Lord has been leading me in the last year and a half anyway, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's growing brighter and brighter as I get beyond obstacles in my life from the past or even the present.  

Anyway, I have a temporary tenant in the trailer.  I had talked with him at length on the phone and in emails - he is from Georgia and came in on a Greyhound bus earlier today.  I went down there and picked him up.  I think that, for however long he is here, it will probably work out well just from judging our conversations and his attitude which seems to be very good and - seemingly - has a very strong work ethic.  It's so hard to really judge character when attempting to discern if a person is going to make a good fit in the household and  what sort of person it is when considering morals and ethics (I would prefer a person with a strong set of those, or at least in the mid-section of it versus somewhat morally obtuse and ethically discerned).  Time will tell.

He has a cousin here of which he has already left and gone to spend the night with to bring in the New Year. It may very well happen that he may move in with that cousin.  I have no clue and he certainly didn't say anything about that, but I either had a feeling about that or my mind just went down that path along with numerous other in determining what the outcome of this will be.  When you start driving your mind through all the potential endings of a situation, it can certainly take you down some interesting paths and vivid places.  It won't offend me if he leaves to go live with his cousin, he needed a place to call "home" before coming here and perhaps my place was that pretense - yes I have a place to live so if that doesn't work out then I won't be stranded.  Again, I have no knowledge at all that this may be what's happening, but I now recognize that I have that "feeling".  

Well, I don't think I'll be staying up another 3 hours until the New Year comes in.  Well, I will probably be awakened.  If I am up, I will do the age-old car honking thing.  The fire station 1 block directly south of me will have it's fire truck horns blaring.  People in this neighborhood will be shouting very loudly Happy New Year! and maybe a few other car horns honking.  The real noise maker, though, are those fire engine horns and the vast amount of fireworks - done by local residents - that will be going off.  No, lol, I don't have a problem with it, just saying that's what happens in my neighborhood.

So, Happy New Year to everyone. 


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