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New Cell Phone Rule For CDL/Truck Drivers

I got through the internet frequently to find whatever new is coming from the Feds in the terms of new regulations.  The level of expertise that is required to be a truck driver in having to know so many regulations - the trucking industry is the MOST regulated industry in the United States - is going to the levels that the pay level is going to have to be increased significantly to attract people who have actual brains and can do more than handle a steering wheel.

Why should I have to spend my own personal time looking at all of this stuff and educating my company about things they haven't even heard about and not getting paid extra for it?  Why should I have to be dumped with exhaustive numbers of regulations that are predisposed to the opinion of a law enforcement officer?  That's right - you could ask 100 commercial enforcement officers the same question about whatever - especially technical questions - and get numerous different answers that have no relevance with other …


So, I am cruising along today, cleaning the ponds out and doing this that and the other thing type of minutia. Temps are perfect, weather great, what could happen today?

Josie calls me totally out of the blue. I had thought about her yesterday while with Mary.

Josie is the widow of one of the best friends I have ever had who died 1 year ago, yesterday/New Year's Eve Day, quite suddenly and out of the blue, btw.

She started crying on the phone immediately. Her family has all but abandoned her.  She has tried to commit suicide 3 times, she confesses, in the last year.  She got aneurysms from the cuts and has had to spend time in the hospital because of it.  She is at the end of her rope - the bottom of the barrel - and she called me because she had no-one left to call.

It got intensely emotional quickly.  But, I have only 1 answer to life and what it deals us.  She was married to Boe for 46 years, I think it was.  Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of his passing. She doesn't …

350 Man

Short and sweet:  the City of Phoenix had removed 350 man's property across the street from the active list.  I decided this time, the third time, to write the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services department and tell them that if they didn't enforce the same rules that they do with everyone else, namely: no storage is allowed on a residential property unless there is a structure on the property with at least 750 square feet ( I think, somewhere around there) - that I would call the City Council and file a grievance with the City.

Well, as I stated in the last entry, ponds are on the priority list today.  The pumps get clogged up because of the time of year it is  and leaves falling all over the place, getting into the ponds and the pumps are powerful enough to drag all that stuff on the bottom of the ponds to the pump.  I was out front dealing with the smallest pond when I looked up - for no particular reason - and realized that all of that stuff had been removed from the pro…

1/1/2012 Sunday Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I managed to stay up until around 1:15am last night.

An interested night, to say the least.  Mary decided that she wanted to drag some firewood over to a party that was going on out in front of a house a few blocks away.  She asked if I wanted to come with her. No.  She basically had a mini-cow so I relented - but I've been there and done that, most likely everyone would be drunk and acting - drunk.

I was not off, in the slightest little bit, with that assessment, either.  My sister-in-law had called - I find out she lives like 5 blocks away from Mary - we all headed to this party.  I was having a few beers, yes, but I was determined that I was not going to go overboard with anything.  We got there and I was offered shots of fine Vodka and numerous beers.  I had a couple, but I then quit.  There was a fire pit out front in the driveway and Mary shoved a log into it.

Then some woman - drunk and belligerent - started trouble.  It was a no burn day in Maric…