Monday, January 2, 2012

When Your Life Flashes Before You............

I watched a video of a young man that died of some sort of heart condition.  He had cheated death 3 times before that.  In this video was a statement about a total life recall.

I've had it twice.  It may not be what people might imagine.

A total life recall happens in a flash of a second. For all intents and purposes, it is quite supernatural.  You see and hear every single thing you did in your life, every word you spoke, everything.  It's so fast yet you know what's happening.

On both occasions that it happened to my I thought I was going to be dead in the next few seconds because of the events that were taking place.  For reasons unknown, I am not yet dead.  Maybe not totally unknown -  God and His will are what I will give that credit to -  but it's interesting to look back on one own's life and sit in wonder.

I am only saying that seeing that gave me cause' to sit back and reflect.

1/2/2012 Monday

Qwest is now Century Link.  That's nice, but it certainly doesn't change the level or quality of service you get from them, which is usually at the very low end of the scale.  We also like to call it piss poor customer service.
Exactly what I received from Qwest in the last week until, after going through earthly hell with them, I got hold of a supervisor that actually could do something about the situation and help to remedy it.

My issue was slow speed. They sent out a guy last week to check it - he said my modem is bad (I'm making this story shorter without going into a lot of details of back and forth stuff).  I called a supervisor who said the modem might be bad or might not be.  ???  "You're field tech said the modem was bad".  It COULD be bad or it couldn't, he states and tells me he will call me back at 3:30pm that day - the time I told him I  would be home.

He never called back, but when I got home, I checked the speed, back up to what it is supposed to be.  Great. Then, yesterday, down to 2208 MBPS.  Internet dragging badly, I called up repair again. Guy says he wants to send out a field tech.  Already been done, I replied.  No matter, he's going to send one anyway.  Skipping a lot of it, the field tech sort of comes out to my house this morning.  He actually parked his truck down the street.  He calls me.  I am so and so, was out at your house the other day, I already told you what is wrong with your service: your modem is back.

Great, I tell him, tell that to everyone else that insisted on sending you out here today.  He gets a bit testy with me, I simply asked to speak to his supervisor - he'll have him call me back.  No call for about 2 hours, that guy leaves where he was parked and did not come to my house.  That was enough for me to demand a new modem for free. I paid over $100 for the one I have now, I am NOT paying for another one, at least not with THIS company.

Long story short, cause' this story goes on forever, talking to a lot of people including 3 different supervisors and finally a supervisor in Boise, Idaho, earlier:  free modem being sent to me, should be here on Wednesday.  I simply said that after all I have gone through with this service, I am not going to be buying a new modem, or if I have to, it's going to be a Cox internet compatible modem, not a Century Link compatible modem and I am going to switch services.  Yes, I have this lady's phone number, she treated me well and that's all I really wanted in the first place.  On top of that, if a technician has to come out here again, the visit is on Century Link, not on my tab.

Changing the subject, I am a bit fuming at my company for this situation with the change in the rules for hand held cellphones and no notice, whatsoever, being given about it. The company isn't prepared for it, either.  Drivers do not have blue tooth devices with our phones for hands free, voice prompted use. If the company knew about this new rule and the change that is effective tomorrow, they would have already bought all this stuff for us and more importantly, we would have received the notice of the change LONG ago.

A potential $2,750 fine for using a handheld cellphone is nothing to laugh about. The potential fine against the company is $11,000.  What trucking company or company that has it's own fleet of trucks hasn't already dealt with this situation?  All I can say?  I am not getting stuck with a $2,750 fine.  I will NOT be using that cell phone in the truck tomorrow at work, period.  Unless they go out today and buy blue tooth junk and all that - even then, I need time to figure out how to use it.  It might be simple - I wouldn't know, I have never owned or used such and never had a desire to do so.

Whatever.  I don't get it is all.  I have to search this stuff out to make sure that I am not doing something that isn't in compliance with D.O.T. rules, which are always being changed or modified.

Whatever again.  Just completely annoyed by it.  Anyway, today is "holiday" and I decided to do nothing.  Sit around on my @$$ all day long like all the drug users around here - excepting I am not doing any drugs  of course - and be lazy.  Not that there is anything pressing to do, anyway.  4 day work week in-queue - with a useless phone, lol - but I like the idea of a shorter work week if nothing else.

That's it.  No travelling today, no working, maybe some puttering outside but that's it.



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