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When Your Life Flashes Before You............

I watched a video of a young man that died of some sort of heart condition.  He had cheated death 3 times before that.  In this video was a statement about a total life recall.

I've had it twice.  It may not be what people might imagine.

A total life recall happens in a flash of a second. For all intents and purposes, it is quite supernatural.  You see and hear every single thing you did in your life, every word you spoke, everything.  It's so fast yet you know what's happening.

On both occasions that it happened to my I thought I was going to be dead in the next few seconds because of the events that were taking place.  For reasons unknown, I am not yet dead.  Maybe not totally unknown -  God and His will are what I will give that credit to -  but it's interesting to look back on one own's life and sit in wonder.

I am only saying that seeing that gave me cause' to sit back and reflect.

1/2/2012 Monday

Qwest is now Century Link.  That's nice, but it certainly doesn't change the level or quality of service you get from them, which is usually at the very low end of the scale.  We also like to call it piss poor customer service.
Exactly what I received from Qwest in the last week until, after going through earthly hell with them, I got hold of a supervisor that actually could do something about the situation and help to remedy it.

My issue was slow speed. They sent out a guy last week to check it - he said my modem is bad (I'm making this story shorter without going into a lot of details of back and forth stuff).  I called a supervisor who said the modem might be bad or might not be.  ???  "You're field tech said the modem was bad".  It COULD be bad or it couldn't, he states and tells me he will call me back at 3:30pm that day - the time I told him I  would be home.

He never called back, but when I got home, I checked the speed, back up to what it is supp…