Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday 1/3/2012

Well, here's the beginning of the work week - and the start of new CDL driver rules.

I'll be curious to see if there is anything from corporate about this on the main news board or in emails or from anyone, for that matter.

I'm curious to know if Iran intends on starting a war with the U.S after Iran's army chief gave a statement "recommending" one of our Navy's largest ships in it's entire fleet to not pass through the straight of Hermuz again.  I had to take a lookit Google and see what this strait looks like.  I dunno what the U.S. response is going to be or if we are going to stop sending our ships through there - but I would find that a highly unlikely move.

But who needs another war.

My internet is running so slow, my Verizon broadband router is faster.  I am waiting for my new router/modem to come via UPS - tomorrow unfortunately - and find out if that is what the problem is with my internet connection.  According to the tech, it is. According to a supervisor, it might be.  According to more people, who knows.  This is how Qwest runs it's operation.

So, no sense on going on with this, plus it's soon time to leave for work. But it's only a 4-day work week, which is nice.



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