Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday 1/5/2012

Whatever happened to my entry this morning?  It disappeared into cyberspace.
It may still be in the Dashboard as a draft, who knows, but I definitely posted it and it gave me the confirmation screen - really weird.   I usually do not post drafts - lots of them in there, too.  I just start over, it doesn't take that long and it is "fresh", lol.

Mary attempted to call me today several times- but I was on the phone attempting to get a situation with a company's product mitigated.  I wrote to her on FB while on the phone - she has already gone out shooting at Sycamore Creek.  Oh well, Caleb wants to go and the next time our schedules mesh, we will go and that's that.

More news on the 350 man front.  He informed Randy that Randy is "living off the government".  I don't speak to Randy at this point, Mark does.  No biggies to me, he can talk to whoever, but I choose not to have anything further to do with Randy until/if/when/probably never he apologizes to me.

What I found snorting-your-drink-you-were-swallowing-out-your-nose funny is that this guy does NOTHING.  He lives off of his mother!  This guy claims in court that he has a medical condition that keeps him from working yet he's out there trying to build the fence!  ROFL!!

So tomorrow is Friday already.  I have been told that there is Saturday work, I have not heard back whether I will have to show up for that or not.  Usually not - they don't like OT.  They rather use salaried employees. Nice, aye?

A more interesting note was a visit to our store today.  But, I am not going into that.  Too much potential for problem in writing such on a public blog.  One that I have reason to believe a certain individual from my company found through a means that also won't be discussed here.  Not that I care, but the kind of detail that came out today - revelation to say the least.  But it will prove interesting, to say the least, what might become of it in the near future.

I got the truck and the forklift stuck in the yard today.  Yes, indeed.  The new yard is a - nightmare.  It has a thick layer of landscaping rock that just causes tires to sink into it.  We cannot, basically, use that yard - a lot of square footage - until something is done to alleviate the problem.  It took me 2-1/2 hours to get the semi and the forklift unstuck.

I dunno, but working on Saturday isn't necessarily all that wonderful.  Holiday on Monday - meaning that I would be working for free because I would have to work all the hours that I didn't work on Monday and then anything after that to get OT.

Whatever.  I'm tired.  I busted my butt today and I haven't slept well 2 nights in a row.  Going to bed early - yes.



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