Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday 1/6/2012

2 nights in a row without hardly getting any sleep equals - sleeping like a log the third night and now?  Groggy.
Usually will last well into the morning, too, been here, done this but not the end of the world, either.

I will be glad when Iowa, the vote counts and all the hype is over and done with.

It isn't always the greatest feeling when you are 6 days into the month and nothing has been paid to you by any tenants.  The draining effect on my bank account - when paying bills and watching it go down - is almost scary.  But, I expect to be paid by one of them today or whenever he reappears and another on the 9th.  The third - he always pays when he gets his paycheck but it's always a week or so late as far as the rent is concerned.

Nothing pressing on bills now - I paid almost all of them so I have time, I guess.  Just going to not spend money excepting on bills for a while and let the numbers go back up a bit.  Well, I do have some things to buy for the trailer, but it can wait.  I expect to get all of the necessary information to file tax return by the end of this month.  I am also still awaiting word as to whether I will get the safe driver award for 2011 or not.  That would be a huge help in getting that trailer done and over with.

Whatever the case, my time is up.




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