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Truly wonderful people at the church I am going to.  I mean, I haven't connected with everyone there - yet - but everyone that I have, well, it's pretty cool.  Susan showed up a few minutes late, no biggies.  She had told me that "all churches are the same" within the same types of churches, which I simply stated my opinion: "Oh no, they are NOT!".

Susan was warmly greeted by numerous individuals, including an older lady who encouraged her to become a part of the family - I mean it was such a genuine offering of love it was amazing.  But, I guess that's what you expect from a sweet, little older lady : )  Susan was astounded by the entire experience, but mostly with the pastor himself. We were leaving after several people introduced themselves to Susan and the pastor came up quickly. Susan asked if he would come to her church, lol, that it was "dead" and he could infuse some motivation into it.

I was a little surprised to find out about a 21…
Lol, just got done watching a short video of Samuel Jackson scolding whoever owns guns because you "won't put them down".   You are, apparently, the problem.  I wonder where America would be right now if this same sort of rhetoric held true 200 years ago.

I don't go around taunting people with my guns - I don't even let people know I have them for the most part.  It's quite amusing to me that a man can stand there saying such when, in reality, he is on the big screen in several movies, seen using guns and threatening people with them.  Not real?  No, it's not, but it makes him like a true, unadulterated hypocrite.  If he REALLY believed that guns are so terribly bad, then he should not have taken roles in movies that basically glorify guns.

It's a nice, cool winter morning and I am headed off to the shower.  Love to take a long, hot shower on weekends when I have time to do it - wee…