Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Final Question

It's been a long and tough inner battle, both mind and heart. 
To short sale or not.  Your credit is trashed - but not for that long, I have found out.
Less than 2 years.  Some people less than 1 year and their credit is up near where it was
when they did the short-sell on their house and walked away from it.
They are renting wherever and saving money to put a down payment on a new

When I heard last week that this kind of thing is not a long-term trashing of your
credit score, I then started looking into this all over again.  If you look at it from a
purely business type of mindset, the ONLY logido is to get out of the house and do
it as fast as possible.  My house is almost 50% underwater.  When you start looking
at the statistics that it may be as far out as the year 2023 before I can even break even?

That pretty much sent me over the edge.  I do NOT want to live in this neighborhood
forever. A young guy at work just bought a new - and very nice - house with only $4,500 down.

Another short-sold his house about 7 months ago.  His credit score is almost back to where it
was before he sold it and got out of it.  My mortgage company jumps all over the "opportunity" - for whatever reason - to get the paperwork started on a short-sale.  I don't get it.  I mean, it was as if they wanted me to do it! 

The final great question, however, would be: where would I live?  Even the "experts" that are encouraging people to do so get to this question and have some reservations.  If I wanted to keep my dogs, that eliminates all apartment complexes of any decency.  I don't want to rent a house.  This is the next dilemna with this situation that I will have to answer before I even think about short-selling this place. I'm not the sort of person who just dumps your dogs because it creates an inconvenience. 

There must be a reasonable answer to this and I am going to search it out and hunt it down, if it does, indeed, exist.

Well, that question will be occupying the next coming days.  But now?  Bedtime.

Tuesday 1/10/2012

Well, not much time here.
I called Josie last night - she is being moved to some sort of treatment facility where they are going to evaluate her and decide what to do with her.  My pastors really want to go down there and minister to her, but, that can't happen until this process is over, apparently.

Day 2 of fasting.  I am spending time in the Word and seeking the Lord while skipping a meal.  Also giving up things that I normally do in order to focus on it. They have, apparently, shut down the prayer days for this thing to do at home instead of corporately.

Mary called last night.  I didn't get into it with her about the situation with my sister-in-law - not worth it.  Just let it go.  I was tired and ended that call quickly.

George - one of my tenants - facing surgery soon that is going to have him off of work for quite a while.  He had been in a bad car accident that - well it really messed up his body because it was a rollover type of thing.  The surgery is to attempt to fix his wrist - most of the bone is gone there.

Other than that, life is grand!  Lol.



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...