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Wednesday 1/11/2012

Back to regular, 5-day work weeks.
Meaning today is hump day and half way through.
A couple of weeks of very short work weeks sort of spoiled me, lol.

Not a lot going on besides that of which I have already discussed.
I am guessing, on that front, that to short sell this house and find a place to
live that will accept the dogs, it's not going to be a very pretty place, even if a

Like, more of a dump than anything.  I could live with that for a couple of years
for the tradeoff of getting rid of this house that may never be worth what I  bought
it for and getting into something much more reasonable that is even nicer than this place.
When I say dump, I am thinking one of those trailer parks with dirt lots and lots of
hoarders, drunks, drug users and the like.

So, I will look for something a bit nicer than that, lol.  This is prep stage - find several
options first.  If one fails, others are available to fall back on.  Get money saved up - moving
isn't free and neither a…