Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday (The Thirteenth) 1/13/2012

Had to throw that into the title line, lol.
The end of the work week draweth nigh.
I have plenty of stuff to do this weekend - but who knows if I will get to any of it.
I sorta need to force myself back up on that roof of that trailer and get that junk done.

Meanwhile, the conversations between Randy and Mark continue.
Apparently 350 man told Randy that he had threatened me and told all my tenants
to get out of the house because he was going to have something done to me - retaliation for something that
hadn't even happened yet.  According to Mark, Randy had a cow.  Why would you threaten him (me) like that? Who does he bother around here? On and on.  So, Randy is determined to go and get an Injunction Against Harassment against this 350 man as well.

350 man, I find out, has 60 days - minus the time that has elapsed, to take down that fence he put up. This because he built the fence 2 feet into Randy's property.  No clue.  I am glad that I am not involved in all of it is all I can say about that situation.  I have a life to live beyond this 350 man's pettiness and refusal to do anything that would be even remotely seen as "beneficial to society" or as a "productive member of society".  There are things even an ex-felon can do that are volunteer positions if - he really wanted to.

Anyway, getting close to time to leave and haven't really followed up with the news yet.  Gonna go take a look.



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