Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday 1/14/2012

I was laughing yesterday because the quantities of 13 or the number 13 were occurring all over the place - it was Friday the 13th, just to say why it was anything of interest.  The first notice was when I pulled a pipe order - I pulled 13 sticks  of pipe and loaded it onto the truck.  It was sitting there quite a while before I realized the correlation.  It happened a couple more times at work and then at home.  Good thing I am not superstitious!

So, it's late morning.  I got up late cause' I wanted to - like getting out of bed at near 8:00 am.  I think I might cook the spiral ham I bought yesterday at Fry's at 99 cents per pound, but don't quote me on that as I haven't decided. Though, "cooking" a ham is really just a fancy way of saying reheating it.  Hams almost always come pre-cooked anyway.

Looking at various photos of that half-sunken cruise ship - wow!  Looks like the ship just ran straight into ground, it will be interesting to see whatever investigations that are undoubtedly already underway comes up with as the cause' of this accident.  Is it the Captain's error?  You would think they have all that equipment on board to be able to see anything like that coming from a long ways off?  Dunno.

Attempting to motivate myself to get up on the roof of that trailer and do the second project.  I'm cold is the only problem and being cold usually motivates me to do - much of nothing.  But, after letting a project go for awhile, I start getting antsy about it and that alone motivates me to do whatever is lacking.

So, I found myself in a peculiar situation the other day - couple days ago.  My across-the-street-neighbor's blue Pitbull was running up and down the street - loose obviously - barking and growling at people.  Both neighbor's cars were in the driveway, meaning at least one person should be home.  So, the dog up the street, I went to the neighbor's door and both knocked on it and rang the doorbell.  The dog - down the street - alerted to it/heard the knocking and came running up to me, blocking any exit path to leave the premises, it was in a stance and it was barking at me.

A tinge of fear crept up on me, which I shook off immediately and calmed myself inwardly.  Dogs seem to be able to sense fear which edges them on even more.  No answer at the door, which would have eliminated this situation in  a hurry.  Well, I knocked and rang again, this time I heard voices behind the door - but whoever was there did not open the door.  Meanwhile, the dog runs off to the side of the house.  I turn to leave and there it is right in front of me again.  I slowly and calmly start walking around it.  Started walking away from it, my back to the dog - slowly and methodically stepping in such a way as to try and not antagonize it.

It nipped at my shoes but then backed off.  I don't have a huge fear of dogs, but one should probably have a healthy respect for them, especially Pit bulls that everyone has undoubtedly read the horror stories in the news about, including numerous kids that have been torn apart by their OWN dogs.  Never-the-less, getting fearful in such a situation is the worst thing a person can do.

Well, 350 man is standing out there and so is another - neighborhood idiot, there are plenty of them around here - staring at the dog but doing nothing.  The hoarder behind me comes driving up - sees what's going on and apparently saw the owners earlier, as he drove away and several minutes later?  The owners come back with their other Pit bull that they had taken for a walk.

Whatever. This isn't the first time that dog has gotten out - and basically terrorized the neighborhood - I think on Monday I am going to call Animal Control.  Please pay them a visit, this is getting old.

I'm waiting for it to warm up a bit outside before getting to the trailer.  It's supposed to get to 76 but it's still in the 60's.  Yes, I know, I am a cold light weight.  I can handle it if I start moving and getting the blood pumping, I just haven't gotten that far with it yet.

Some pretty strange stuff in the news today..................



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