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Saturday 1/14/2012

I was laughing yesterday because the quantities of 13 or the number 13 were occurring all over the place - it was Friday the 13th, just to say why it was anything of interest.  The first notice was when I pulled a pipe order - I pulled 13 sticks  of pipe and loaded it onto the truck.  It was sitting there quite a while before I realized the correlation.  It happened a couple more times at work and then at home.  Good thing I am not superstitious!

So, it's late morning.  I got up late cause' I wanted to - like getting out of bed at near 8:00 am.  I think I might cook the spiral ham I bought yesterday at Fry's at 99 cents per pound, but don't quote me on that as I haven't decided. Though, "cooking" a ham is really just a fancy way of saying reheating it.  Hams almost always come pre-cooked anyway.

Looking at various photos of that half-sunken cruise ship - wow!  Looks like the ship just ran straight into ground, it will be interesting to see whatever inves…