Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday 1/15/2012

Stayed up WAY too late last night and now?  I have no desire to go to church this morning, at all.  I haven't decided yet - which gonna have to change soon if I am going cause' I will have to leave in like 45 minutes.
It's 5 hours later.  Yup, I forced myself to get into the shower, get ready and get to church and I can honestly say that it was the best decision of the day.  I won't go into the details - God is good is all I will say about that.
It's kinda cool out today and the sky is overcast.  In fact, it's starting to rain as I am typing now that I noticed.

The neighborhood is - not quiet - a bunch of people across the street getting drunk; 350 man sticking his nose, eternally, into other people's business and who knows what Randy is doing over there.

Another 5 hour interlude.
My mind is full at the moment and attempting to analyze numerous things that need completed in the memory department.  I can safely put short selling the house on hold until the government officially rolls out the new refinance program and I find out - for good or for change - whether I qualify or not.  Although it doesn't really make me happy with the current payment, it does allow for peace.

I hooked up the printer - finally - that we scored at Walmart on Black Friday - like at midnight - and it works swimmingly and with only 2 cartridges compared to the Epson's 4 cartridges of ink.  Which gave me occasion to write up 2 notices. One entitled: "The Lake of Pee", posted in the main bathroom and the other was a personal notice - cleanliness issues in the kitchen - slid under the door of a tenant. If such notices give rise to the occasion of a tenant moving out because of it, then they didn't belong here in the first place.

So, that issue at least addressed, more in the "mind" peace department.  Next issue - a constant one really - is this idea of getting to retirement - broke and poor.  This is unacceptable.  I have taken steps to alleviate that problem - but in terms of numbers in actual accounts? Dismal.  This can change over the years, of course, but at the moment it is a bit depressing.  I could "retire" for about 8 months on my current savings.  Not a funny matter, certainly not at my age, indeed.  Okay, if I were retiring with SS benefits, that number of months would increase to - whatever it needs to increase to to live.  Baby Boomers are, unfortunately, retiring without enough money and having no recourse.

I am at the last year of the Baby Boomers.  I turn 48 next month and for me, an even more sobering thought. If I had a house paid off by the time retirement arrives, then no big deal whatever I have to live off of.  But with a mortgage payment? Yikes.

This is why I want to short sell this house.  Even if it's 3 years to getting into another house - I can get into one for half the mortgage of what I have now and have it paid off in 15 years max.  That's 18 years from now-  which is beyond what I want to retire at.

So, I am again - many times over have I given this thought - revisiting the idea of building a casita/guest house.  It's the cost of doing so that has stopped me, but now I am going to research doing the entire thing by myself.  There is even a college course on teaching you how to do such. Yes, I have thought about taking a course or 2 of college about the things that will make me money, not anything that will drive my career ahead, just things that I can learn that I can do to increase my income.  I can build a basic structure, even follow basic plans, but there are some things I don't know how to do in terms of city code compliance.

A self sustained guest house - meaning a small dwelling that has it's own small kitchen and bathroom - could bring in a very nice price per month.  6 to 8 k per year extra is what I am looking at.  15 deep by 10 wide.
Doesn't sound like much, but it's enough to build a kitchenette style dwelling that I could live in and rent out my master bedroom or that I could rent it out.

I'm going to get there, eventually, if I stay at this property.

Many other things in my mind, not the least of which was a very nice looking lady who loves the Lord that I encountered at church this morning.  Single as far as I know.  Not necessarily sure of that.  Yes, I am still wanting a mate, but not in a hurry to get into a bad relationship, thank you.  Time will tell.

Time to go to bed, work in the AM.



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