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Sunday 1/15/2012

Stayed up WAY too late last night and now?  I have no desire to go to church this morning, at all.  I haven't decided yet - which gonna have to change soon if I am going cause' I will have to leave in like 45 minutes.
It's 5 hours later.  Yup, I forced myself to get into the shower, get ready and get to church and I can honestly say that it was the best decision of the day.  I won't go into the details - God is good is all I will say about that.
It's kinda cool out today and the sky is overcast.  In fact, it's starting to rain as I am typing now that I noticed.

The neighborhood is - not quiet - a bunch of people across the street getting drunk; 350 man sticking his nose, eternally, into other people's business and who knows what Randy is doing over there.

Another 5 hour interlude.
My mind is full at the moment and…