Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday 1/16/2012

"Iranian Boats Approach USS New Orleans"
That headline certainly grabbed my attention, but the video shows 3 small boats - armed yes with some sort of large caliber weapon on the fronts of the boats - moving what appears to be alongside the ship.
I am curious as to what Iran has to gain from all of this unless it just wants the international attention that has been lavished on it because of their threats concerning the Straight of Hormuz.

I just had an encounter with the neighbor's pit bull the other day and was discussing that encounter here, on my blog and here we go again with yet another pit bull in the news:  it killed it's owner's 1 year old baby.  I'm not sure about the people that own pit bulls that say that people who fear that particular breed have unfounded fears and - where do they get off making a statement like that?  Do you read about Great Danes killing family members? Golden Retrievers?  I don't even see that much news about German Shepherds doing any such thing, but from time to time, you see the news about a Pit bull killing or mauling someone and frequently the attack is on it's owners, not strangers.

I was asked the "source" of my news a while back - I don't watch TV news for the most part, I just read it online and get some of it from radio broadcasts.  I read both ends of the spectrum - MSNBC and FOX news.  And others in between.  I don't normally rely on just one news source because if you are going to be honest about it, it is ALL tainted to one direction or another, depending upon the writer's own beliefs and viewpoints on any given subject.  The question was posed as some sort of condemnation.  I pose the same question back to people who haughtily ask such things, as if THEIR source of information is somehow superior.  I might read several different accountings of the same type of story just to get the mix of it all and try to settle on some middle ground of what a thing is actually about.

But who knows.  If you want to know what's going on in the world, you have to get your information from somewhere.  I don't know too many people flying around all over the place, personally visiting each and every sight where news is being made.  Do you?  News reporters, of course!


Time to head to work.



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