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Tuesday 1/17/2012

So, Caleb comes in last night - just before I'm heading off to bed thank you - with no small degree of consternation about something.  He is getting money "back" from that federal Pell grant and they apparently couldn't figure out how to go about doing it.  They being his mother and him.  I think it a good idea if he does this stuff alone and if he messes it up, it can be fixed.

I went through all the screens - lots of them to go through - before I got to where they left off.  The money is being processed by Citi and the only thing left to do was to make a 100% withdrawal for when the "next installment" comes through, of which I did.  So, when it gets in there it is going to be automatically deposited into Caleb's bank account.

His first day of school? Today.  His schedule, routine, entire life really is going to make a dramatic change and he will have little free time with all that he has going on.  School, work and Muay Thai.  That is enough to fill…