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Wednesday 1/18/2012

Went to church last night for the prayer group.  But this was a different type of thing.  They had the lights dimmed and were playing Christian worship music.  The idea to basically get into the Lord's presence as a group.  They have a much different type of prayer group going on Friday - not sure if I'll make that one or not.

Dunno how Caleb's first day at school went.  Considering he had school, then Muay Thai and then work, I'm guessing his late night stuff playing online games with his friends are going to greatly curtailed.  Then again, the only class he had yesterday was Japanese. For whatever reason, he wants to learn how to speak Japanese.

Nothing new going on here, besides a few notices that I haven't heard back from yet.  Which doesn't necessariliy mean that anything bad is going to happen (ie: a tenant moving out), but I had to inform one person that he is now limited to 3 loads of laundry per week and if he wants to do more than that, it will cost…