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1/19/2012 Thursday

Thursday already.
Plenty of stuff to do at work today, which always makes a day fly by.
I haven't seen the doom and gloomers lately in the news, concerning another
recession or even a depression, I guess they are all waiting to see whether their
predictions come true or not.
I, for one, certainly hope they are WAY off on their predictions.

After posting a rather - in-your-face note on the main bathroom wall, one tenant came forward and took responsibility for it.  It being the puddles of urine on the floor.  Not going to go into great detail here, hopefully the problem is quashed and I won't have to deal with it again, at least with this individual.

Anyone care to tell me why Obama decided to nix the pipeline from Canada?  The same people that oppose wind farms because the blades on the fans might kill birds and oppose solar farms because - who knows why, something about turtles I believe it was - now have their voice magnified 1,000,000 times over again in having this pipeli…