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Thursday 1/26/2012

Dragging through this week, gag.
Didn't sleep well, at all, last night.
Which will make for a long day at work, but as yesterday, I will be hoping to leave early if I can.
There is a bunch of stuff to do this morning, but by the time noon gets around, I'm hoping it will all be
done.  I'll spend this weekend laying around doing nothing and hoping that I will get over it before Monday.

By now, everyone has seen the picture.  Governor Jan Brewer with her finger in Obama's chest.
I just watched an online interview of Brewer being asked what Obama was saying to her.
Apparently, Obama doesn't like the book she wrote and he was expressing his discontent with it.
Nice job, Obama: I declared it a couple times, I'll say it again: You are the WORST President this nation
has EVER had.  What kind of President gets off Air Force 1 and immediately gets into a pissing match with
the governor of the state he is visiting, out in the open, in front of the cameras for everyone t…