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Friday 1/27/2012

Finally Friday.  I (think) I am getting better.  All tests that were done came back negative - looking for more serious stuff that is, a bit of a relief there for sure.
I'm just ready for a couple of days of laying in bed, to be honest, versus getting up early and heading off to work.
Hopefully by Monday I will be feeling right as rain again.

Caleb called me last night, something up with the car.  He tends to get flustered and give up easily.  The car isn't the greatest vehicle in the world, but for the most part has gotten him around without too much hassle.  I, however, am tired of dumping money into it and am thinking of some alternatives here.

The Phoenix area is immense and widely spread out.  Getting around without a car isn't impossible, but if you try to take the bus system, you are going to spend hours getting somewhere that should take 20 minutes.  That was the reason I kept that car and have tried to keep it running for him, but at some point, a person has to c…