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Sunday 1/29/2012

I went to church this morning.  30 minutes into it, I started feeling REALLY bad.
I didn't want to, but I eventually got up and went home.  The pastor's wife caught me in the
hallway and prayed for me - not going to turn down prayer.  I felt so bad, though that there was no
way I was going to do anything but go home.

I have done nothing today.  Lay around. Well, I cooked a turkey dinner, but that was it.

And I'm done.



Saturday 1/28/2012

So, I'm going to try to take it easy today and tomorrow and get over this stuff.

So, here's a tragedy:  A 65 year old man, bicycling on a trail somewhere in Pennsylvania, is pushed over by teens and the teens attempt to rob him. The man pulls out his gun and shoots - all of them I guess - one of the teens dies.  Apparently the teens also assaulted the man while trying to rob him.

I'm a gun rights advocate, I don't go around talking about it everywhere but if the subject comes up, I'm definitely taking the side of the right to bear arms rather than the idea that we should all be disarmed.  Does a situation like this send a message to people who want to rob others?  Yes, the potential exists that you might be shot by an armed citizen who may be concealing a weapon and - you don't know until it's too late.

The moral question - at least for me - should the teen have been killed over money?  I would have a problem with that, but the story also said they were as…