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Okay, I only have.......... mother to blame.
I watched my mom dealing with companies in all kinds of venues when I was a little boy, growing up and standing in awe the way people treated her after she decided she wasn't being treated right.  She taught me how to shop, cook, do laundry - most of the things that kids are, mostly, not being taught today.

I didn't really start dealing with companies the way that I do now until the level of service went from industry-wide exemplary to industry-wide - shi***.  When America started out-sourcing, that's when my issue with it began.  At the time, I didn't care about who had what job where, I had an issue with dealing with people in foreign nations that don't speak fluent or clear English and don't understand or care about the way we think in the U.S. versus the way they think about customer service in places like India, the Philippines, Mexico, etc.

They don't see things the way we do.  When you call a customer service num…

Monday 1/30/2012

January almost gone already.
I'm quite glad I didn't bother to make any New Year's Resolutions this year - I am sure I would have already abandoned them by now, lol.
I made some personal resolutions long before the New Year came and those are goals that I am attempting to keep, not because it's a New Year, but because they will improve the quality of life.

Extremely odd.  My son just came out from his bedroom, dressed and ready to go!  I haven't seen him up this early in ages - maybe never, lol.  He's off to school already.  I wonder how long it takes to completely change your schedule and get your body and mind used to it?  He is definitely a night owl - likes to stay up all night long.

Whatever the case, it would be nice if that old car would run for a while and not give me any more problems.  I have determined that as soon as the second trailer is paid off, I am going to either try to sell it or trade it.  Preferably for a pick up truck.

Reading the news,…