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Safe Driver Award

So, this morning, finally, the email came from corporate with the names of those who are going to receive the Safe Driver Award.  It is given annually - if you qualify - on the month of your service anniversary.  I didn't know what to think all the way up until this morning - til' I got to work and opened up the email.

The email shows 1 year, 2 year - all the way up to as many years a person has been a safe driver.  I figured I was at 1 year since I didn't get it last year and it would reset back to 1.  Otherwise, I would be at 4 years.  I didn't see my name under 1 year so I thought - oh well.  I met all the qualifications for it, but for whatever reason, I am not getting it.

I open up the next email from a co-worker in the purchasing department.  He says congratulations on the Safe Driver Award.  ???  Back to the corporate email.  Now I am scouring through all of it, not just 1st year.  My name is there - on the 4th year of getting the award!

I had NO idea that it di…

Tuesday 1/31/2012

End of month.  Meaning work will be pushing to get whatever deliveries we can - out the door.

You gotta love this woman in San Luis (small town in southern Arizona) that was running for mayor, whose name was removed from the ballot.  Why?  Because she can't proficiently speak, write or understand English.  So, she is suing! ROFL!!

This is what it's like living in this part of the U.S.  We get people from across the border who move over here and live out their lives - but never bother to learn the language of the land. Instead, they literally demand that companies and governments pander to them and have interpreters or bilingual agents/reps to serve them. They want signs in Spanish and they want everything doubled up - English version and Spanish version.  They could care less that they are living in a predominantly English-speaking country.

It's the never-ending story.

Meanwhile, Pannetta is stating that "No options are off the table" concerning Iran and eludin…