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The Incident At The Electric Wholesale House

I do not get into the same kind of things with my company's vendors - people WE are buying product from - as I will with my own, personal business - just because I don't want them calling my company and starting junk with me through them.  Even if I'm "right", I just let most of it go.

So, today is the first time in quite a long time that I simply wasn't going to take the kind of s*** that these people doling out.

So here's the situation.  We buy product here and there from this company.  Normally, it's the pipe used for natural gas.  They sell a lot of other stuff, but that's mostly what we get from them.  They have a small yard.  To get into that yard, you have to make a very tight turn.  Recently, they put a sign up - if you're truck is over 32 foot long or are pulling a trailer over 32 feet long, you must report to the office first before going in.

That sign is directed towards truck drivers that are DELIVERING product there.  It's a…