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Thursday 2/2/2012

It's 222!  Meaningless, but someone will make some sort of inference out of it.  Oh, wait a minute - no - it IS Groundhog Day!  In the area where I live?  We'll take permanent winter.  We don't care how long winter lasts, it could go on indefinitely and everyone around here would love it.

I have gotten nowhere with Hewlitt Packard - not that I haven't tried.  Okay, I have made very slight "ground", if you wanna call it that, but and again, that company has some of the rudest customer service reps.  They are right down there with Direct TV.  I caught the case manager in a lie, at least that's what I called it and called him out on it.  He started hemming and hawing after I made the case - didn't matter. Anyway, the box showed up from Fed Ex yesterday to send the computer to them, but I was too tired to get the thing out and go through all of that.

I will take it to work with me today and possibly pack it up and send it in after work is done.