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Friday 2/3/2012

So, out of the blue, the tenant that was going into the hospital for 6 weeks as of yesterday calls me - yesterday of course.  What's up, dude? You in the hospital yet?, having had already resigned myself to the fact that I would not see a penny of rent from that room for 6 weeks - at least.

He says he is coming over in about an hour to give me some money.  That's basically the end of the story without going into too much detail, he showed up, handed me X amount of money, I decided to give him a break - the amount he paid versus what is actually owed - and left it at that.  I'll take something over nothing is all I am saying.

A sigh of relief.  I didn't want to have to dig into the savings account.  I have that safe driver award coming, but I won't see that for another 7 days when I get paid again.

Took the computer to the Fed Ex hub yesterday. Got it there in time - it will be at the repair facility today.  Allegedly, they are putting a "rush" on it to g…